am i the only one on tumblr that thinks that having 2000 followers isn’t important??

it’s a network. i like to look at cool pictures, read funny quotes, pour my heart out, and like pictures that interest me. i don’t care if someone wants to unfollow me. this isn’t life people. stop making your life tumblr and go outside and find a life. jesus. you are all depressing with your razor blade pictures and depressing shit. goodness.

so yesterday was my last day of high school………………….

i left school and before 11:30 i was drunk off my ass. then proceeded with a lovely nap, went to work. then to a country line dancing club with my girls!! today consisted of sleeping and laying in bed until 3:30! getting all dolled up to party tonight! ahh summer, i missed you!!

i wish i liked beer.

so everytime i go out i can never drink because i don’t like beer. well oday i will make myself like beer. well, attempt. drinking a bud light in a bottle. it’s not so bad. it’s nice and cold. beer isn’t something you chug or drink quickly. it’s a sipper. at least i think so anyways. but i’m testing the waters. hopefully this will benefit me in the future. beer is a lot cheaper than liquor. and i will remember more nights if i drink beer. yay for beer. ;)

things i’m super duper excited for!
  • fcat days(free beach trip for me)
  • grad bash
  • graduation
  • summer
  • college
  • senior’s last day of school
  • signing yearbooks
  • baccelaureate
  • senior awards
  • graduation party
  • going to north carolina
  • getting a dorm
  • decorating a dorm
  • moving up north